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Who is Karen Buford?

Karen Buford has always been drawing, painting or creating something since childhood! She enjoys sharing her passion for art with others and helping them find their joy through creating beautiful art! Born and raised in Denver, CO, Karen Buford has traveled widely and lived in many states in pursuit of her artistic and educational goals! Karen is an accomplished artist participating in Art exhibits both locally and nationally with her art in both public and private collections.

Karen received a BA in Fine Art and attended graduate school earning an M.Ed. in Art Education. Karen enjoys painting portraits, landscapes, florals and inspirational artworks. She also loves to create digital art photography and mixed media artworks on paper.

Karen is currently a professional fine artist and an elementary art teacher for the local school district. She says the best thing about teaching is the moment when students discover they can do more than they first believed! Karen has recently begun to create digital art from photos and then manipulates them through various photo and art apps on the computer. Her digital works are very striking and thought provoking, exploring topics such as culture, history, dreams, places and people.

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